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Guide: Setting Up and Configuring HAI HLC by ASIHome Staff

This guide assumes that you already have or will be purchasing an HAI Omni Family controller with v2.10 firmware or higher.

Note: Please read all instructions carefully before begining.

The first and most important thing to remember is to always follow State, Local and National Electric Codes. If you find that you do not know how to, or are not legally allowed to, install switches; please consult an electrician. All UPB devices require an Earth Ground and a Neutral.

On to the guide:

Step 1: Decide how you would like to layout your HLC system.
You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there going to be any 3-ways?
  • Do I want to use Keypads or Remote Switches on those 3-ways?
  • Do I want to have a House Keypad to track room status?
  • How many devices (keypads, switches) are going to be in each room?

To help you determine if you need a Room Keypad, you have to decide if you are going to have multiple looks (scenes) for the room using multiple loads, or if there is just going to be one load.

Step 2: Install all of your HLC devices and your HLC coupler (model 39A00-1), reading all instructions carefully.

Step 3: Plug in your PIM (Powerline Interface Module, model 36A00-1) into an outlet near the Omni controller.

Step 4: Connect the six conductor cable (do not substitute) supplied with the PIM from the PIM to a serial port on your Omni Controller (if you have an Omni LT you should consider purchasing a model 36A10-1 HLC Expansion Kit to avoid swapping between lighting control and programming of your controller).

Step 5: Setting up the Omni Contoller:

  • Start PC Dealer Access (model 1105W) and either create a new file or open your existing file.
  • Configure the Serial Port that you connected the PIM to:
    • Go to Setup -> Installer -> Expansion
    • On the right side of the box where it says Serial 1,2,3,4, for the serial port which corresponds to the PIM, change the function to UPB.
    • Click OK.
  • Configure the House Codes that you are going to use:
    • Go to Setup -> Misc
    • On the Control Tab, set each House Code that you are using to HAI Lighting.
    • Click OK.
  • Name the devices:
    • Go to Setup -> Names/Voice
    • On the Units Tab you need to name each device:
      • The first device in each room is always a Room Keypad
      • The Next 6 devices are your Dimmers/Switches (only put the devices that you want to be controlled by the keypad in the same room).
      • The eighth spot is for your House Keypads (if you are not using a House Keypad in that spot you may put a Dimmer/Switch there as well).
    • Continue until all devices are named.
    • Click OK.
  • Download programmig to the Omni controller (File -> Download from PC)

Step 6: Configuring the devices:

  • Set the device that you wish to configure into learn mode (this must be done one device at a time):
    • For Room Keypads: Hold the On and Off buttons until all the LEDs blink.
    • For Dimmers/Switches: Tap the rocker five times until the LED blinks
    • For House Keypads: Hold the one and the eight button until the LEDs blink.
  • On your HAI Console:
    • Press 6 for Status
    • Press 1 for Control
    • Scroll down to the unit that you have in learn mode
    • Press # to select that unit and # again to begin configuration
    • Each device should take 20-25 seconds to configure
  • Repeat for each device.

Step 7 (optional): Configure your scenes on your Room Keypads:

  • Press the scene that you wish to configure (A,B,C or D)
  • Set your Dimmers/Switches to the desired levels/states
  • Press the same scene button five times to learn it into the Room Keypad

Step 8 (optional): Program your Omni to control your lighting based on events (Sunset, Sunrise, Arming Status, etc.), but that is for another guide.

This article was published on Wednesday 25 January, 2006.

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